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The crashed ships of the Progonoi pierce the land like teeth of a dead god. The domed cities of the Katoikoi lie squat and empty among them, strewn like droplets of the land’s blood. The air is fetid and deadly, but you’ve learned to breathe it. You’ve learned other things besides. And your swollen glands thirst to know more. In the land of the dead, you eat or you die.

Kratophagia (Krah-toe-fah-gee-ah; the "g" is hard) is a post-apocalyptic science-fantasy tabletop roleplaying game of hunger, consumption, violence, oppression, body horror and radical bodily transformation for 4-6 players (including an MC). You play hungry scavenging creatures called kratophagoi living on a ruined planet devastated by a galactic war. Kratophagoi subsist in a violent hierarchy of oppression, feeding on the viscera of living creatures, including other kratophagoi. They are nominally humanoid, although as they eat viscera, they twist and mutate into a wide variety of other forms. (You can read more about those themes and how I frame them in the first devlog and in the screenshots, which contain most of the game's first chapter.)

Kratophagia is in a kind of early access and will be released in stages: the first stage is Larval Form (42pp.; US$10). The rules are complete and playable for single session one-shots or for short campaigns of 4-12 hours. Files will be updated as I work on the game, incorporate your feedback, and develop the next stage, Pupal Form. 

Kratophagia is available now! 

The currently available files will be for Larva Stage Playtest Edition 1.0.1

This game is a work in progress. It has not been externally edited. It has not been read by a sensitivity reader. My intention is that these tasks will be attended to as the game approaches its final form.

Game Design, Writing, and Art: Hamish Cameron

Layout and Copy Editing: Dana Cameron


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Kratophagia_Book_LarvaStage_v1.0.1.pdf 12 MB
Kratophagia_GluttonyCards_A4-PrintActualSize_v1.0.1.pdf 43 kB
Kratophagia_GluttonyCards_Letter-PrintActualSize_v1.0.1.pdf 43 kB
Kratophagia_Landmarks_A4_v1.0.1.pdf 2 MB
Kratophagia_Landmarks_Letter_v1.0.1.pdf 2 MB
Kratophagia_LarvaMoves_Playbooks_A4_v1.0.1.pdf 140 kB
Kratophagia_LarvaMoves_Playbooks_Letter_v1.0.1.pdf 136 kB
Kratophagia Discord.txt 111 bytes

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